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This weekend we once again trekked into the city to attend Wondercon for a day.  This 3-day comic convention was so well attended that the fire marshall had to limit the number of people going into the Dealers Room so it wouldn't become overcrowded.  Because of traffic and lines, we didn't get into the Moscone West center until about 1:30.  We saw a lot of media previews and Q&A:  J.J.Abrams talked about Alias, Lost, and MI:3; Kevin Smith cussed a lot and showed a clip that might be from his upcoming Clerks II movie; Pixar showed updated trailers to Cars that looks much better than the advanced trailers we saw last year (it's a very NASCAR movie, with some camera moves that are impossible in the real world.  It looked cool.); Bryan Singer showed off clips from Superman Returns, then brought the star out for Q&A (this movie is very heavily influenced by the first two Chris Reeve movies, but it still looks interesting).  Finally, we saw the recent trailer for V For Vendetta, and each got a Guy Fawkes mask.

We also went to a couple of panels for authors, including Grant Morrison and Greg Rucka.  (Rucka is one of my favorite authors right now, and both of these guys are two of the four writers who are doing a 52 issue comic mini-series that will come every week, and totally rewrite the DC universe.  Kirsten is looking forward to it.)  Somewhere during that afternoon we managed to do a little shopping in the Dealer's Room (Teddy got lots of freebies and I got an Ex Machina #2 TPB, a Girl Genius #3 TPB signed by Phil who was manning his own booth, and a black T-shirt that showed W as a vampire sucking the blood from the statue of  liberty), got some Thai food from a vendor across the street, and Peet's coffee from a nearby cart.

We topped the evening by attending the Masquerade, which was smaller than we're used to at science fiction conventions, but there were a couple of good costumes, and Teddy got us 3rd row seats. 

Overall it was a fun, but exhausting day.  Teddy had a good time and only got bored during one of the Author talks.  K and I were fighting colds but managed to have a good time, and my friend Geoff from work said he enjoyed himself as well.

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